About Us

Elisabeth Nevins has edited thousands of texts in the nearly 20 years she has been working as an editor. With her innate feel for language and dedication to direct, concise writing, Elisabeth ensures texts are tight, strong, and convincing.

Although her greatest expertise is in marketing and advertising, Elisabeth has edited texts in virtually every field, including but not limited to chemistry, economics, emergency planning, finance, forestry, organizational behavior, law, literature, logistics, philosophy, and physics. In addition, she has written several case studies, created promotional material for international companies and universities, and assisted in developing numerous research proposals. Beyond journal articles, Elisabeth has experience working on theses, dissertations, textbooks, newspaper articles, and various other forms of communication.

After receiving her undergraduate degree from Wesleyan University, Elisabeth earned a Master’s degree in English from Northwestern University.


Francesca Van Gorp Cooley has more than 25 years' experience in the editorial and publishing industry. Before forming Effectual Editorial Services, she worked for the American Marketing Association, most recently as the managing editor of the AMA's stable of premier scholarly journals, including Journal of MarketingJournal of Marketing Research, Journal of International Marketing, and Journal of Public Policy & Marketing. Before that, she was director of professional publications and worked in acquisitions and project development for the AMA’s professional book department.

Francesca has experience in myriad subjects, including but not limited to marketing, management, economics, consumer and applied psychology, and so forth. In addition, she has capabilities in project management, customer support, and production support.