Service is our main focus

Different kinds of texts require different voices. A journal article, business proposal, and a dissertation will differ not only in content but also in how things are said. But all voices should have one thing in common: Clarity!

Content and Line Editing
We make the substantive changes necessary to improve your work’s clarity, style, tone, structure, development, organization, and overall presentation. We also make basic editorial and proofreading corrections. If any portion of the manuscript needs major revision (e.g., extensive rewriting, independent research), we insert comments and queries that include specific suggestions about how to complete the revisions. 

We evaluate text for all matters related to style and consistency, including spelling, punctuation, grammar, word choice, sentence structure, verb tense, and clarity. We also address issues of tense, development, and the overall presentation of the material. We flag and query these larger issues and, when appropriate, offer suggestions for revision. We ensure that all copy is clean and refined, ready for submission to any publication.

We examine your work with an eye for typographical miscues, punctuation errors, incorrect and variant spellings, stylistic inconsistencies, and formatting and keyboarding mistakes. For typeset copy, we can also make suggestions involving typographical details such as widows, orphans, bad breaks, and leading.

Manuscript Critique/Evaluation
We review your work and work to improve the manuscript in matters such as content, clarity, style, tone, structure, development, organization, and overall presentation as well as issues of tense, grammar, syntax, word choice, and punctuation. When possible, we tell you how your work can be improved and suggest strategies for revision. In addition, we make ourselves available for follow-up questions as you look over the results of our work on its completion.